Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bowl Cointe

Done for

The look of a rundown skater after busting his moves for a bit to long.
This is what i used to look like after hours and hours, now it was after a couple of runs.

After a whole day of studying and struggling to stay motivated our gang of losers decided we were gonna go to the bowl in Cointe near Liege.
This was a great idea, i had been wanting to go there for ages after seeing a glimpse of it a couple of months ago. I got the Z-boy fever going and wanted to hit that snake run at top speed.
Style is everything. 

It had been more than a year since i did anything more on a board than cruising down the street.
The feeling took a while before showing it's face. Since the bowl was a bit crowded we started out in a concrete halfpipe to warm up. After a couple of drops i started feeling a bit at ease in the ramp.
A bit to at ease ... the next drop i smacked down on the concrete bruising my elbow and ankle pretty bad. I've got a hole in my T-shirt to prove it. Bummer.

After the ramp we went to the top of the snake run so i could make some runs in it.
I must say the first tries were a bit shabby but it felt really great to just cruise through the bowl and take the big turn at the end.
It felt so good to know that my girl was watching me and that i made her feel a bit proud.

"Style is everything" Jay Adams

After me goofing in the bowl we just enjoyed the weather and N. was testing his new camera.
Wich is why we have awesome pictures of this fun getaway.
The skateboard bug bit Misses K. and as always she ended up on the board. I guess it runs in our blood.
I had such a great time. We're the perfect gang. The picture below shows me and Misses K. kicking it next to the bowl. I'm so madly in love with her, she is the definition of soulmate.
We've promised ourselves to start skating again this summer and she's also gonna get into BMX.
I can't wait till we are both cruising in the bowl doing trains.

Bowl Cointe

Thanks you guys for the awesome day and thanks to N. for the pictures.
For more of N's pictures go see his blog :

He just started it but we will encourage him to share as many pictures as possible!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Pack After Death or The Pack A.D.

This is The Pack A.D. They are from Canada and they rule.
I recently discovered them as i was checking out local Vancouver bands because misses K. and I want to move there as soon as possible.

The first thing to do is check the music scene and i must say this duo is reason enough to move. I'm currently in somewhat of a bluesy period, trying to play all the White Stripes songs on my acoustic guitar, and these two damsels brought what i was looking for.

Powerful basic blues with an original voice to it.
I've just finished listening to their latest album and even though sometimes it reminds me a bit to much of Jack White they still deliver a mighty fine album that i will try and buy once i have the funds.
For now i'll have to rent it at the library for 1€/week.
I guess that's reasonable.

So White Stripes influence, yes, but not to the point of being a simple copy.
The voice is what's makes these two stand out.I invite all of you to enjoy this little discovery and go check them out on Youtube or for the lazy people just click play below :

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekly Cover Shootout X

Placebo doing the Pixies' "Where is my mind?". I love the Pixies, don't get me wrong, but this just suits me more. It's to warm to write more.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekly Cover Shootout IX

This version is so much better than the original that almost no one knows the original version.
Leonard Cohen wrote a great song with this one but Buckley's performance is just unbeatable.
His silk voice, his energy, his guitar and his band are so amazing.

Thank you both for making this an all time classic!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dillinger Escape Plan's Greg Puciato on file sharing.

An interesting read i found just now on Greg Puciato's personal website:

He answer a question from a student in Belfast who is writing a paper on the influence of online file sharing.
Greg's answer is most remarkable and i completely follow his philosophy.
I'm not going to be a hypocrite about it, i download music to and about 60% of me and my girlfriend's collection are mp3's. As a student it's just so damn hard to lay down a minimum of 16€ for a CD or a vinyl. I understand that there is a minimum but if we end up blocking every way of peer to peer sharing they should try to bring prices down so that everyone will be more likely to buy CD's or even buy songs online.

If i have to choose, i'd rather go see a band live than buy their CD. Once i will be earning money i'm sure my budget will increase but for now i'm going to shows and buying an album once every 2 months.
I started this year with the resolution of buying one album a month but it's undoable if you want to do anything else than sit on your couch and watch TV.

Yay on banning illegal downloading and a big yay on trying to get better price rates on vinyl and CD.
I just love to have the physical presence of an album so i'm not gonna buy mp3's online.
People who don't have a visa-card are screwed anyways if they want to buy music via itunes.

Read the article, it's great and go buy an album.

Weekends are for...

Visé riverside

So another weekend rolled by. I must say that while studying i'm not really aware of time passing by, let alone knowing what day we are.
I was informed that it was Saturday because we were going to Liège to.... study.
We had been working all week long so we really needed a break.
After eating at noon we pack a bag and decided to go for a little stroll. Why not go to Maastricht, it's only 30km. Not that much, or so we thought.

Going there was quite ok, after getting lost for a while we eventually made it to Maastricht in one piece.
A bit sour in the legs and a burning arse we were bent on getting the famous Mckroket.
As Murphy wants it, there were none so we ended up eating KFC, which was quite disappointing.
I did discover the greatest McFlurry ever !
Maastricht is a really beautiful city even though we saw only the market and the canal and were in the city for no longer than 2 hours.

It was well worth it though. The ride was really cool but once we got on our bikes to head home our asses hurt like hell and our legs were stiff. Ten minutes on our way we started making plans of how to get home with the least biking possible.
We ended up riding it out in a 3hours lasting workout. In the end we were so proud we made it back all the way without taking any shortcuts. We had super much fun! It was our typical WBST trip.
I jumped on an abandoned matras and we took some great pictures of the industry alongside the canal.

Sunday we spent our day studying and i did the unthinkable, which is finishing a whole course of philosophy. At night we went for a walk and our dog found the leg of some sort of cow-ish animal.
It was gross.


Friday, April 15, 2011

End of A Year Self Defense Family

Just found out about these guys thanks to TheWaitingRoom on Youtube.
Wich is funny because if i had to link them to any band it would be Fugazi.

I love the singer's eclectic voice. He seems to be suffering from something while he's singing but it brings out the best in his voice. Intensity and melody are key notions here.
Check it out!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekly Cover Shootout VIII

So this is a Bob Dylan song brought to you by the late and great Jimi Hendrix.
This song is just meant to be played by fuzzed out guitars! I like Dylan's version to but he just can't compete with Jimi's voodoo power.

Also since it's my exam session i like to spaz out on music. Hard to do so on Bob Dylan. I'm gonna eat some kiwi crumble now.


Find out more about the magnificent kiwi crumble on:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekly Cover Shootout VII

This is Florence + The Machine covering Beyonce's "Halo".
Both are really good songs when you think about it but there's something in Florence's voice that's lacking in Beyonce's. I was out of inspiration this week and my girlfriend reminded me that she did this great cover. So props to her for this one!

It kinda sticks in your head doesn't it?


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dr. Burt and the Music Maker Foundation

- This is Dr. G.B. Burt and he is a blues musician.
Better would be to say he IS blues. Burt was born on january 30 1937 in Birmingham Alabama. Having been a car mechanic almost all his life he is now living in Birmingham.

-  He brought out his first album at the age of 72. A unique chance he was given by the Music Maker Relief Foundation, an organism that helps support senior blues artists not only in their daily life costs but also to help them bring out music they so much love to make.

Below there is a video of Dr. Burt playing one of his songs in his home.
As you can see this man is living in poverty and i'm so glad there are foundations like the Music Maker's to help out these people. I cannot say enough how much support they need! So go out and buy these original musicians' music on itunes or in every possible way!

For more information on the foundation visit : Music Maker Foundation